Marrakesh Goes Free to Play in Hitman Summer Pack

If you’ve been looking for a “staycation”, Marrakesh may be the place to go, assuming you aren’t a banker or an army General.

IO Interactive are drumming up hype for Hitman 2 by releasing Hitman’s third stage, Marrakesh, for free for the next two weeks.

This is the full meal deal for Marrakesh and includes both main targets, the escalations, challenges, you name it.

Players will have full access to the stage through the end of the month. After that, the stage disappears, but your progress will carry over to the rest of the game when purchased, IO claims.

Marrakesh is arguably the weakest of the various episodes of the lot, with a rather linear approach and some repetition from earlier stages Paris and Sapienza, but it does make for a decent entry-point into the full game.

IO have been busy drumming up support for Hitman 2. Elusive Targets have been re-activiated throughout the first Hitman campaign and, through a partnership with Warner Bros., the full package Hitman: Definitive Edition has been released physically, including each episode along with bonus Patient Zero campaign and accompanying “Game of the Year” add ons.

Hitman 2 drops November 13, 2018.

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