Hammond comes in like a Wrecking Ball to Overwatch July 24th

Announced late last month, Overwatch‘s 28th hero brings loads of destruction with him as he free wheels about.

Hammond, quizzically Wrecking Ball per his official name, seems to connect in with Winston’s story as both were lab-animals being experimented on in the Horizon Lunar Colony. While the bulk of the Gorillas overthrew the scientists on the Colony, Winston made for the exits. Unbeknownst to him–and us until now–Hammond tagged along for the ride, landing near the Scrapyard.

Wrecking Ball’s inclusion will add another Tank unit, bringing it up to the second most represented class with seven.

Late last week the game’s artists utilized a Twitch livestream [skip to the 15 minute mark to begin] to reveal Wrecking Ball’s skins and discuss their design philosophy, noting his Legendary skins tends to focus on his time in the Scrapyard or on the Moon.

This likely isn’t the only Overwatch hero we should be expecting: As Heroes Never Die muses, we may already know the identity of Hero 29, the Queen of Junkertown.

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