GOG’s Pinata Sale is on Now – Random Games on the Cheap

Online storefront GOG is getting festive with its Pinata Madness sale: pay $3 ($4.09 CAD) and get a random game worth between six and $45.

The random nature of the event does have some caveats:

  • You won’t get a duplicate from your GOG library unless you own all the available Pinata games at the moment you open your pinata.

  • If you DO own all of these games, you’ll get a giftable copy of a random sans expiry date. GOG, in all its glory, will inform you of this before checkout.

  • The games in the Pinata appear to be constantly changing. As GOG points out, “new games may appear. But the When and the What are just part of the mystery!”

  • You’ve got a full week to jump in on the sale. It ends August 21st.
  • So far, users have reported Pinata finds such as Metro 2033 Redux, Bastion, Sunless Sea, Titan Quest: Anniversary, and Her Story, games worth playing and worth more than the pocket change spent. Of course, not everything is exceptional, but it’s worth following the Pinata Tracker on the GOG forums.

    You can grab yourself a Pinata or three here.

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