Our SNES Mini Games Wishlist and Grading the Competition

Disclaimer: This article originally ran on our satirical site CRUNCH. Its relevance to this site has led to it being cross-posted for your enjoyment.

A report from Eurogamer suggests that the primary reason the NES Mini has been discontinued is that an SNES mini is coming this year.

Naturally, the Internet was ablaze with demands and recommendations for bundled-in games. We weigh in on their lists:

Forbes: C-

This list leans heavily on licensed titles such as Aladdin, The Lion King, and TMNT IV: Turtles In Time. Fine games, all, but unlikely. Lots of Mario.

The Verge: B-

Less reliance on Nintendo’s heavy hitting series is a nice touch, instead opting for one release per major series, which frees up room for quirkier, albeit important, additions like Mario Paint and Secret of Mana.

Ars Technica: F

Kyle Orland doesn’t list any games he wants. Just features. Did he read our rubric?

USGamer First List: B

A solid list that takes many of the strengths of the above recommendations but with more Mega Man. More Mega Man is universally a good thing, by the way, and the list is strengthened by sidelining more Mario in favour of Kirby.

USGamer RPG List: B+

One doesn’t realize how strong the SNES’ RPG lineup is until he/she sees a list of 30 games that could anchor an entire system’s library all in the same genre. Super Mario RPG, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, and EarthBound stand out as some of our favourites.

Our List: A++

There’s only one series that is needed to anchor the inevitable SNES mini. Here’s our list.

  1. ActRaiser
  2. ActRaiser
  3. ActRaiser
  4. ActRaiser
  5. ActRaiser
  6. ActRaiser
  7. ActRaiser
  8. ActRaiser
  9. ActRaiser
  10. ActRaiser
  11. ActRaiser
  12. ActRaiser
  13. ActRaiser
  14. ActRaiser
  15. ActRaiser
  16. ActRaiser
  17. ActRaiser
  18. ActRaiser
  19. ActRaiser
  20. ActRaiser
  21. ActRaiser
  22. ActRaiser
  23. ActRaiser
  24. ActRaiser
  25. ActRaiser
  26. ActRaiser
  27. ActRaiser
  28. ActRaiser
  29. ActRaiser
  30. ActRaiser 2
I'm not sure you understand how much we need this game.
I’m not sure you understand how much we need this game.
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