Zelda Cinematica – Symphonic Tribute Album Hits Kickstarter

New on Kickstarter is Zelda Cinematica – Symphonic Tribute Album, an hour-plus long release filled with the best Zelda music around. Samo Studio‘s past albums have been phenomenal, looking at the Xeno, Chrono, and Metroid series previously.

Writing on Kickstarter, creator Sam Dillard notes this is a fully licensed dream project:

I am hopeful that the world won’t mind a few more musical interpretations of the masterful melodies of Koji Kondo and other composers of the series. It’s a bummer having had to wait so long to produce this album, but on the flip side, I am now able to do so through official channels and achieve a higher quality production- so it is truly a lifelong thrill to be a able to present my own personal vision of the soundtracks that helped fuel my childhood creativity and drive me towards becoming a composer myself.

This album, continuing along with the rest of the Cinematica lineup before it, will feature fully legally licensed music with royalties sent to the original creators and available widely on major digital music platforms. The Legend of Zelda properties are copyright Nintendo Co., Ltd.

A number of perks are on the table for backers including vinyls, downloads of past albums, and posters, though some of these are connected to stretch goals.


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