The next Professor Layton game gets worldwide launch in July…but only on mobile

The last main Professor Layton installment was 2014’s Azran Legacy, the conclusion to the prequel trilogy, which was well received and stands up well alongside the rest of the series. However, Level-5 have been clear that it’d be the last main installment to feature the titular character. Fittingly, the new series will star Layton’s daughter.


Level-5 have announced (with translation from Gematsu) Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy will be getting a global launch July 20th, but only on Android and iOS, as plans for a Western launch of the 3DS take aren’t yet cemented, though reportedly will follow in the fall.

YouTuber Lucia Mallo Fernandez has subbed the announcement trailer found in last week’s Nintendo Direct that you can watch here.

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