New Obsession: The Disney Afternoon Collection is filled with delightful surprises


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We’ve been obsessively playing The Disney Afternoon Collection for the past several hours. The collection–released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4–is worth the $20 USD asking price just by virtue of containing rare sequels (Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 and DuckTales 2, specifically) in addition to quality games of higher prominence like Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, and Darkwing Duck, plus the less stellar TaleSpin. However, a series of other touches makes the package all the more desirable.

disneyafternoonRewind is Sublime

The marquee feature here–and hopefully the new gold standard for remasters–is the rewind feature. In an instant, a player can correct a mistake by reversing a few seconds of game play, penalty free. This feels like something pulled out of Super Time Force–without the inclusion of “meat shields” emerging from your failures–and turns this type of retro gaming on its head. Accessibility is at the heart of the feature, helping temper what can be a somewhat steep difficulty curve, especially in games like DuckTales 2.

Boss Rush is a Rush

Besides Rewind, the additions of Boss Rush and Time Attack are the other primary additions to this package. Boss Rush is particularly intriguing as it plays like a “greatest hits”, especially for the weaker games in the package, and involves buffs and tweaks to the primary characters to complete the mode. The addition of leaderboards and frame-specific timing make this a consequential addition.

Others Perks Too

And then there’s the love found in every nook and cranny of the package. Linger on the pause screen and you’ll hear remixed medleys. Wander over to the museum feature and meticulously re-created box art, game art, and other goodies are present. An in game manual is both helpful and gorgeous, too.

It’s a Full Package

Everything fans of these NES classics could want is present. There’s a collection of OK-at-worst games on hand. There’s accessible play to manage difficulty spikes. There’s art; lots and lots of art. Added features aplenty.

The Disney Afternoon Collection is a love letter to all things retro that understands players want to be connected. This is a package that understands that difficulty shouldn’t be a barrier to a gaming experience; that difficulty should still be left in tact for those that want to embrace it. This, too, is a collection that gets the allure of speed-running and modern play.

The Disney Afternoon Collection is available now from your favourite digital storefront…that’s not owned by Nintendo.

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