The Best Pokemon Animated Series is on Netflix Now

Netflix’s April streaming changes may have had some bittersweet losses (Dr. House, we’re looking at you) but it’s made all the much better with the addition of the best Pokemon series in some 20 seasons.

No, folks, Indigo League isn’t the best and, yes, it’s already on Netflix.

I’m referring to Pokemon the Series: XYZ.

Trust us, it's good!
Trust us, it’s good!

The final chapter of the Pokemon XY series, XYZ is ultimately where Ash’s potential is realized as a trainer. It takes 19 years but we get there, folks. In one season–with a necessary build from the XY arc–Ash goes from following every trope established from the prior seasons to a venerable threat to trainers with league aspirations everywhere. There are subtle tonal shifts from even the XY arc, where the focus on Clemont et all gets a bit kiddie, to a maturing storyline with a maturing central protagonist.

If you started watching Pokemon in its Indigo League days but fell off somewhere later, this is the storyline you’ve been waiting for, I assure you.

Of course this is all silly banter: Netflix has the streaming rights, sure, but you can find episodes on YouTube, and, of course, as well. But if you refuse to watch anything not on Netflix, here’s your chance to see the best of the best in Pokemon. Just…don’t skip right to the League battles.

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