More Mega Stones Are on the Way for Sun and Moon

With Pokemon Bank now live for Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Company are now getting serious about providing fans with mega stones. reports this distribution will be based around participation in online events, with Beedrill and Mawile the first to receive the stones in the promotion.

With Pokemon Bank opening up every available Pokemon for play, fans of certain mega evolutions will require these stones to Mega Evolve: Only a handful of such stones are found in Sun and Moon and Pokemon placed in the bank cannot hold items.

Mega Evolution, in general, takes the back burner in the current iteration of Pokemon, with powerful Z-Moves introduced in an attempt at allowing fan favoured Pokemon without Mega Evolutions a chance to stay competitive. This line of thinking has led to Pokemon Bank users getting an additional perk for putting up a fiver this year, too: A free Z-Crystal for Mew.

For all your Pokemon Bank needs we’ve attached this handy infographic from


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