Reminder: Civ V has a ridiculous Donald Trump mod

If you, like me, have yet to move on from the glories that are contained within Civilization V, you need to be reminded that there is a fantastic Donald Trump mod and remake, should you need it, that allows you to #MAGA.

As a world leader, Donald Trump’s first Golden Age is also his last: It will last in perpetuity but unhappiness will skyrocket. The remake–which I prefer–adjusts this somewhat, reducing unhappiness yield from number of cities. It all works out.


You get a free (outsourced) worker, too!

Also unique to Trump is the Border Patrol unit which replaces the Infantry. It’s more defensively shored up, much like Trump’s inevitable protectionist policies, and changes mid-game use somewhat.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Trump without a Great Wall of his own, though, curiously, the National Epic is replaced rather than the Wall proper. The more walls in your civ the better when Trump’s in charge as gold is boosted along with happiness.

These mods require both Civ V expansions and pair perfectly with Trump’s inauguration and tears of desperation.

You’re welcome.

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