So, we all know about the Nintendo Switch now, and retailers are really gearing up for it. After all, it comes out in TWO FRIGGIN’ MONTHS. It’s only $299, but Gamestop is here to help you reach that goal. They’re running a trade-in special, where you receive an extra $50 when you trade in any current-gen system ($20 for Wii or 3DS). That number jumps to $75 and $30, respectively, if you happen to be a Power Up Rewards Pro Member. Not too shabby.

The best Animal Crossing character -- for $4!
The best Animal Crossing character — for $4!

If you’re not on the Nintendo hype train (or simply fell off), Steam has you covered, with Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 on sale, for 70% and 33% off, respectively. Meanwhile, Tropico fans can go nuts with this new bundle on Steam — all Tropico games and DLC, for less than $40. That’s $130 in savings! Over on GOG.com, another sale is running that features dozens of excellent games, including over 90 different titles at 75%+ off. Buying all of them at once would save over $600, though you’d spend nearly $350 in the process.

Finally, in the physical world, Wal-Mart is slashing Amiibo prices across the board. Most Amiibos seem to be reduced on Wal-Mart’s site — perhaps to make way for new ones? Speculation aside, this is an excellent opportunity to expand your Amiibo collection. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch the Breath of the Wild trailer again.

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