A Profile of Some Random Guy

How far have you gone for a joke? Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo went pretty far recently. The site published a profile of Pewdiepie about two weeks ago, to the chagrin of a significant portion of its comments section. In a curious moment of ignoring one of the internet’s most ancient and useful pieces of advice (Don’t Read The Comments), Totilo found a particular user by the name of Alex McCabe whose comment amused him so much that he decided to do a followup profile article:

You could profile me, but I am also a wanker and I have zero following online. I’m also very boring. I do play nothing but Destiny and I don’t stream.

Maybe don’t profile me.

What follows is a highly entertaining article about literally Some Guy™ from the south of England. It’s a great reminder that journalism and writing can be fun sometimes, and I highly recommend it.

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