Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

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Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

While Ariados may look unassuming, arachnophobes will be alarmed to find out this creepy crawly comes in at over 3 feet all and weighs some 70 pounds. That's one big spider.

Ariados' Pokedex entries don't help its cause, either, as they describe Ariados roping prey, releasing them, then tracking the prey down and mercilessly chowing down. Gross.

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

While many of the Ghost types are horrifying, those of us afraid of heights may find Drifloon the worst of the bunch.

Drifloon is said to snatch those who aren't strong enough to resist it, sailing into the air, never to be seen again. The good news is that most people are strong enough to resist, dragging Drifloon along instead, but still.

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

Another adorable one at first glance, Cubone is dealing with some stuff, and not in the best way.

You see, that's not a Tauros skull on its noggin. Not even close. It's the skull of its dead mother. This is one Pokemon that needs to let go.

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

Shedinja are accidental Pokemon in a way. Evolve a Nincada into a Ninjask while you have an extra slot in your party and its molt will take on a life of its own, immune to all moves except super-effective.

That's not the scary part, though. Apparently, peering inside the molt--which should be hollow--is said to steal one's soul.

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

Forget creepy clowns terrorizing you because Cacturne has them all beat.

Instead of haunting your residential neighbourhoods, Cacturne hang out, in groups, waiting to attack weary travelers. Like a creepy clown, they do it with a smile.

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

Is it obvious we're all afraid of bugs here? We hope you'd be too if you lived in the world of Pokemon.

Nearly 5 feet tall and 150 pounds, the fact Pinsir can grab things more than twice its weight should send trembles down your spine. That it attacks in a similar way to a crocodile is probably worst, yet: If at first it can't split its pray in two with its pincers, it happily throws it around.

And have you seen its Mega Evolution?!

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

Sandygast hasn't made its proper debut yet, but Sun and Moon is around the corner and we're disturbed.

Sandygast forms when the grudges of Pokemon who faint seep into the sand. This is literally The Grudge in Pokemon form rather than creepy bathtub form. Grab onto its little shovel and you may never return...

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon

Okay, so this one is anticlimactic. Yveltal is plain cool. We all know that.

It's only the fact that it serves as the Shiva of the Pokemon universe that we're concerned. When it perishes it forms a little cocoon. Still not that terrifying.

It's just the fact that cocoon absorbs the life energy of everything around it, spelling CERTAIN DOOM that we list Yveltal here.

No biggie.

Gallery: 8 of the Most Terrifying Pokemon
Honorable mentions

Yamask, Lampent, Honedge, and Gourgeist probably all deserve nods, too, right? They're all creepy, they all burn with angst and misery, and the last among those totally sings to itself while it traps its victims.

We thought about putting Darkrai here but the movies made us change our mind: After all, this thing tried stopping Palkia and Dialga. Not bad.

So, let us know who you think the most terrifying Pokemon are. Bet you can't top The Grudge incarnate.

There’s no doubt about it: Pokemon can get dark pretty quickly. Think, for a moment, about the fact Farfetch’d are endangered because they’re just that dang tasty. This, in a kid’s game.

It gets worse, though. Much, much worse. Just in time for Halloween, we present you 8 of the most terrifying Pokemon.

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