Weekend Deals: No Tricks, Just Treats!

It’s (almost) Halloween, and Steam is rolling out some spooky good deals over the weekend! Hundreds of horror-themed games are on sale, including Don’t Starve for 75% off, Outlast for $5, and dozens more. Horror movies and games with Halloween-themed updates are also on sale. Over on GOG.com, EA is having a sale on a handful of select titles, featuring Dead Space for $8 and Crysis for $8. Push your PC to the limits!

It's time to soil yourself --on the cheap.
It’s time to soil yourself –on the cheap.

Gamestop, not to be excluded from the party, is running a Capcom Halloween sale, with Resident Evil and Dead Rising titles all buy one, get one 50% off. The deal is online-only. Finally, Nvidia is offering up some SHIELD titles for this Halloween weekend at a steep, steep discount. Grim Fandango Remastered for $5? Yes please! Now get on your costumes and hit those parties!

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