Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Starters’ Final Evolutions Are All Type Rehashes

With the reveal trailer for the final evolutions of the Pokemon starters, no new type combinations have paired up, though no starter has ever had these typings before.

That’s good news for fans of Litten, whose wrestling inspired final evolution Incineroar, looked poised to become the billionth Fire/Fighting starter. Instead, it joins a niche occupied by the likes of (Mega) Houndoom as a Fire and Dark combo.

Incineroar’s signature move, Darkest Lariat, completely ignores opponent’s stat changes, which should help damage those who raise their Defense. According to the Pokemon website, Incineroar has a bit of a scorched earth policy, burning down anyone, Pokemon or not, it meets in battle.

Primaria proved that even Popplio can become the belle of the ball in appearance, though the Water and Fairy pairing echoes Azumarill.

Sparkling Aria is its special move but we aren’t quite sure if it causes damage yet; at minimum, it heals burns of its targets. We’re worried that it could cure a Scald victim, but maybe there’s some team play we aren’t yet seeing.

Tapu Koko, guardian deity of Melemele Island.
Tapu Koko, guardian deity of Melemele Island.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Robin Hood inspired Decidueye, who loses the amazing bow tie Rowlet possesses in favour of being tall, dark, and brooding. After Gen VI, we didn’t feel like we needed any more Grass/Ghost types, but it seems we don’t have a choice.

At least Decidueye’s signature move is cool: As a ghost type attack, any victim struck can no longer escape. (We’re not sure how this will affect Ghosts, though, as abilities like Shadow Tag haven’t affected them in the past.)

Also revealed were the rest of the Guardian Deities, the inclusion of Red and Blue (and other famous trainers like Cynthia and Wally), and the reveal of Cosmog, a mysterious Pokemon that will likely have a key part to play in the game’s story.

Pokemon Sun and Moon hit store shelves next month.

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