GGW: The metastory behind making Sometimes Always Monsters

Always Sometimes...Sometimes Always...Monsters!
Always Sometimes…Sometimes Always…Monsters!

Dan Starkey’s extended interview with Vagabond Dog about Sometimes Always Monsters is a revealing look at the bizarre promotional strategy and development of the game. Speaking from experience, here: Justin Amirkhani is a tough person to interview. His experience as a game journo, his philosophical meanderings, and his quick wit sometimes leave one with the impression that Amirkhani is controlling the interview, not the interviewer. Kudos to Starkey for making it seem easy. Better, though, are the insights, like Vagabond Dog wanting to promote the game with a bus tour because it’s the most meta thing they could think of. Or this gem:

“I want to mirror what we did before,” he says. “In the first game, you started at the bottom and clawed your way to the top. You fought and struggled and bled … you may have lost some people. You may have done things you weren’t proud of, but you probably got what you wanted in the end. Now you start on top, and it’s about the inevitable decline. … Because success is never sustainable. There is always a fall.”

The bizarre metastory behind making Sometimes Always Monsters by Dan Starkey on Polygon

Disclosure: I provided early input on Always Sometimes Monsters. Justin Amirkhani and I were on a panel together where I represented GGW. I consider Justin a friend. Dan Starkey is a regular expert participant in GGW sponsored events.

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