Fist Puncher gets free Halloween update – and a hella good sale price

Fist Puncher is unapologetic in what it is: You punch bad guys. Lots and lots of bad guys. It’s an old school brawler and it ranks as one of my favourite time sinks.


The lovely brothers behind the game, Jake and Matt Lewandowski (aka Team2Bit) have snuck a free update out, themed around Halloween.

The inspiration for the new characters is, well, topical and timely, with a Pumpkin Headed fellow, a bath salt zombie, and, what else, a murderous clown. Yeah. They went there.

The new characters are available now on PC and will arrive to Mac/Linux at a later date.

In celebration of this update, Fist Puncher is on sale through November 1st, at 75% off.

Matt commented on the Steam page hinting that another update may be in the cards. Team2Bit are hard at work on Final Fleet, a VR ship building game, as well.

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