Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch

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Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
1. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Collectively, the three of us have about 300 hours into X. That's a not-insignificant amount of time. A massive, sprawling RPG that fulfills its promise to allow players to traverse anywhere he or she can see, Xenoblade stands as one of the best of this generation, let alone as a Wii U exclusive. If Nintendo is adamant in showing that Switch can bring meaty experiences like Breath of the Wild and Skyrim (which is, bizarrely, still unconfirmed) on the go, X would be a perfect complement. The sci-fi angle would be a welcome change from medieval everything, too. What would need to change: The GamePad is integrated really well into X's DNA, though it's in subtle ways. We don't know yet if the tablet has a touch interface on Switch. While it'd be a convenient piece of laying down probes, a button interface could replace it. As well, those load times need to be cut down. While Nintendo addressed this with a series of piecemeal patches, a re-release needs to be free of such issues.

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
2. Pokken Tournament

So much praise can be heaped upon Pokken, the not quite Tekken of Pokemon games. The combatants (and helpers) are varied. The fighting is always tense. And it's all gorgeous. A fighter no other platform can offer is something Nintendo doesn't struggle with--we'll come back to that later--but Nintendo has rarely offered a one-on-one brawler in the last decade. What would need to change: So far, Pokken hasn't received DLC from its arcade counterpart. Make this a "gold edition", complete with Darkrai and Scizor, and we're ready to roll.

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
3. Star Fox Zero

Speaking of rolling, Star Fox Zero could play heroics, offering up an arcade shooter with a legacy connection to longtime fans. The series re-imagining reads more like a retelling of Star Fox 64 than a sequel to anything in particular, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. As well, Zero has some downright devious moments that even those who dislike the game can't help but admire. Enter Peppy doing his thing. What would need to change: A few things. First of all, no matter what Miyamoto says, the weird "look at the screen, look at the GamePad" dynamic needs to be excised. Keep this a more traditional Star Fox and you have a winner. Second, bundle Star Fox Guard in. Again, we don't know if the tablet has its own touch interface, but if it doesn't, we can't imagine the adjustment being hard.

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
4. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is perfect. From our perspective, Bayonetta is a perfect showcase of the hybridity needed to make Switch work. Best played in small pieces, but equally fun to grind through, this port would add a mature edge to a system that wants to be all things to all people. A little edge isn't a bad thing, in this respect. What would need to change: Don't try and change Bayo. Don't.

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
5. Yoshi's Woolly World

Equal parts Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Island, this one is a case of getting what you put into it. Want a zen experience? Bam, it's yours. Want to be entirely stressed out on S-levels? Yoshi can deliver. There's a degree of polish here that we think most didn't expect. But Yoshi delivers. What would need to change: We'll take a restock on Yoshi Amiibo, please, particularly those of the giant variety. Add in the new Poochy elements (coming to 3DS) and you have an additional repackaging, but one that makes a lot of sense if the 3DS is truly going the way of the Dodo.

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
6. LEGO City Undercover

We don't know a better way to explain this one: It's Grand Theft Auto for the whole family. Add in some Nintendo nods, keep the classic LEGO humour, and you have a good idea of what you're getting. What would need to change: The GamePad functionality adds very little. Axe it. From there, some bonus missions with an extra special Nintendo touch would be welcome. Amiibo functionality, anyone?

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
7. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

A blend of J-pop and Fire Emblem doesn't seem like a natural fit, yet here we are raving about it. Everything here is over the top, steeped in Japanese pop culture, and only barely Fire Emblem in nature. We adore this because it's so unusual, so niche, that we can't imagine someone buying a Wii U just for the game. So why not add it to a roster for a machine that appears unconventional in every sense. What would need to change: Surprisingly little. The GamePad is used to display text messages -- sooooo many text messages -- and the tablet, even without touch (?) can fulfill that job. Load times are atrocious. Clean those up. How isn't there Amiibo functionality?

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
8. Super Smash Bros.

We can't help but feel like the titles of the newest Smash games were made the way they were so a third installment might be called...Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch. Do we really need to explain this one to you? What would need to change: Character DLC. Bundled in. On disc. A "gold" edition is a no-brainer, especially if the DLC is available right off the hop. To that end: Don't pretend you're supporting the 3DS any further. Add in new characters. There's now no excuse for removing the Ice Climbers from the fray.

Gallery: 8 Wii U Games Nintendo Should Immediately Port to Switch
9. There's Our List

Now it's your turn. What Wii U gems would you bring over to Switch in an attempt at building a bigger audience? Would you go to the eShop? Would you look for third party releases? Or are we out to lunch? Let us know in the comments.

It’s no secret that the Wii U underperformed on practically every expectation. The struggling console became the Little Engine That Couldn’t Quite, with sporadic games releases that still managed to draw a crowd.

Few games truly required the Wii U Gamepad–no, we aren’t counting novelty appeal here–with Super Mario Maker standing in defiance as an exception, rather than the rule.

Nintendo’s teaser trailer for Switch showed that it understands this strange dynamic: The Wii U has good games…they just didn’t sell well. Splatoon and Mario Kart were both on show; both are clearly distinct from their Wii U counterparts, but neither screamed totally brand new experience, either.

It seems likely that, at least in the early days, Nintendo’s best strategy may be porting some of their Wii U’s greatest hits, underappreciated gems, and near misses to Switch in an attempt at bolstering their lineup.

Here are eight games we think need to make the jump.*

*We are not including any mainline Mario, Mario Kart 8, or Splatoon in this lineup.

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