The NX Has A Name: Nintendo Switch Hits Shelves March 2017


After 15 months of waiting, Nintendo have announced their new system’s name, revealed the design, and shown off a “who’s who” list of developer support including both longtime Nintendo allies and newcomers.

Named “Switch”, the new system is a hybrid home system with portable features, a fact originally reported on by Eurogamer earlier this year. The hybrid design and fluidity permeates every aspect of the machine, including the inclusion of a tablet-like controller that separates into a “mini” controllers for multiplayer use.

NVIDIA have confirmed that their chips are powering the machine, though didn’t specify what, exactly, the chip is or what it is capable of delivering.

Nintendo mainstays such as DeNA, Platinum Games, SEGA, Level-5, and Capcom are signed on for early support. More shockingly, so are companies like 2K (bringing a new NBA game with them), Bethesda (Skyrim is coming to a Nintendo system?!), Epic Games (we’d bank on Paragon coming to Switch), and even From Software. It’s a lineup of support that we never guessed would stand by Nintendo, even with regular allies-turned-abandoners Ubisoft and Activision in the mix.

Nintendo Switch will arrive in March 2017.

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