Not Games Writing: CBC’s VR Mini Documentary on the “Highway of Tears” is Heart Wrenching

The Highway of Tears–the not so affectionate nickname for British Columbia’s Highway 16–is a chilling reminder that racism is alive and well in Canada.

Estimates vary, but somewhere between 18 and 50 women, mostly of Aboriginal descent, have gone missing along the now infamous highway. It took two federal elections to make it a matter worth attention from all Canadians, but it is finally sparking a national conversation on racism in Canada. That conversation may be too little, too late, though: Of the cases on the Highway of Tears, only one can be seen as “closed”.

Just a few of the women who have gone missing.
Just a few of the women who have gone missing.

CBC has created a VR enhanced mini documentary on one particular case, with looks at and on the highway, as well as within a household. It’s a neat piece of journalism that’s using VR to evoke a different kind of feeling. It’s the type of thing Joseph Knoop argues may emerge from journalism in his June piece on Playboy.

The documentary is now available to view, available in 360 video, and will be traversing Canada as part of a series of town hall meetings through 2016/2017.

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