Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to Smartphones

Capcom are full of Ace Attorney goodness lately, especially of the Justice variety. First we got Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice this past month, and now we’re getting a re-release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

The timing makes sense in a backwards sort of way. While the fully fledged 3DS release of September was a Phoenix Wright game, it was all about Apollo Justice and his family. Ironically, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney game is an Apollo Justice game that, in many ways, is all Phoenix Wright.

Weird, right?

No objections here.
No objections here.

Apollo Justice was brought in to keep the Ace Attorney series alive and well despite Phoenix Wright’s story wrapping up. For my money, the tone of Apollo Justice is better than any of the other installments — it’s moody in a way that enhances the storytelling — but many gamers view it as the black sheep.

Oh well.

No details on price or availability (“Winter”) but count this one I’m excited to nab from Google Play. (Yes, Apple people, you can get it too.)

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