Weekend Deals: Majestic Majesco Savings

It's won so many awards, the trophy shelf collapsed.
It’s won so many awards, the trophy shelf collapsed.

It’s the weekend again, and GOG.com is giving you something to do over the weekend — play some damn games! Majesco’s entire catalog is on sale, up to 90% off. That means you can grab Master of Orion, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, Darklands, and Bloodrayne for $2 each — or less! If you’re a slightly bigger spender, the Endless franchise is on sale on Steam, including a pack with everything Endless-related for under $30. Not bad!

Amazon, not to be left out, is offering up some deals of their own. Bioshock Infinite is available for download for nearly 40% off, putting it at $18.50. A physical copy is also available for only $14.99, but who wants to wait for their games? Finally, Origin (remember them?) is offering Dungeon Keeper for free! It’s a limited time offer though, so act quickly. Now get out of my house!

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