Weekend Deals: Pumpkin Spiced Deals

Fall is coming, and pumpkin spiced everything has arrived…including deals!

…Okay, not really. But these deals are just as good as any Pumpkin Spice Latte™, I can promise that much. For example, how about 75% off on Crysis 2? The original Crysis is 75% off as well, along with Crysis Warhead. Or you can buy all three for less than $12, and punish your poor computer. Not content to gorge on gorgeous games? GOG.com has you covered with a weekend-only Square Enix sale, with 29 great games under $5, including Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain, and Hitman.

Steam, not to be left out, is having a Warner Bros. publisher sale, with deep price cuts on their entire catalog. Most games are 30% off or more, with 75% off savings on the complete Batman series, and most LEGO titles as well. An Aspyr 20th Birthday Sale is in effect as well, with many AAA titles at 50% off or more. Where else can you get Borderlands 2 for $5? Finally, Newegg steps into the ring with 40% off select video games and accessories, when the promo code EMCENFK39 is used. Have a good weekend, and try not to overdose on pumpkin spice, okay?

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