Bonus Deal: Austin Wintory’s music is Pay What You Want to support charity

If you’ve enjoyed the soundtracks to–bear with me hereAbzu, The Banner Saga, Monaco, Journey, flOw, Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, or one of numerous other works the Grammy nominated artist has created, then you’ll want in on his new deal.

Or, y’know, if you like supporting kids learning music in schools. That’s good too.

From now through Monday, Wintory has made his albums pay what you want. 100% of proceeds, he says, will ETM Los Angeles, a non-profit that gives kids the chance to learn music at school. It’s completely awesome for all parties!

I’m a huge fan of the Syndicate soundtrack (which you can listen to in the embedded video) and highly nabbing a download while it’s at a total bargain of a price. Or just download all of it. That’s okay too.

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