I’m partial to dogs and I’m partial to dogs in videogames. My companion in Fable III will never be forgotten and it stands to me as one of the best I’ve encountered: Probably because I cast my own expectations on the dog as an extension of my avatar.

Chris Waldron argues this isn’t always best, and uses Fallout to illustrate the concept. It’s a neat piece with a neat hook.

Both Rex and Dogmeat make fantastic representations of the games they star in. Like New Vegas, Rex is ass-ugly, a bit kooky, and utterly falling apart but despite all this you can’t help but love him. He’s not a dog for everyone but for those who like him they couldn’t imagine anything better. His character outshines all of his faults and he’s nothing if not memorable, even if he is a bit janky sometimes. Like Fallout 4, Dogmeat is pretty and extremely functional. He’s a dog that’s easy for everyone to like but difficult for anyone to truly love.

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