Weekend Deals: Patrolling the Mojave Makes You Wish For Savings

I could have come up with a better title, sure, but I’m too busy replaying Fallout. And what better timing than with Gamestop offering the Fallout Anthology for $30? That’s 5 great Fallout games, all packaged in a cool warhead. vlcsnap-2015-07-23-14h26m55s613.0
Not really into all that RPG nonsense? That’s alright. How about Forza Horizons for free? That is, if you’ve got Xbox Live Gold. If not, it’s still only $19.99. More into aliens and shootin’ stuff? Well, that’s okay too. Amazon’s got you covered with XCOM 2 for $25(ish)!

Let’s not forget about Steam, now. If you like shmups, or shoot-em-ups as us “normies” might call them, then you might want to check out Steam NOW. A huge (YUUUGE) Shmup Sale is going on, and the savings are incredible — many games are under $1! A Magicka and Cities: Skylines. If you don’t feel like paying anything at all, you can check out the Payday 2 free weekend! The game itself is discounted as well, at a mere $4.99. Now get out there and play some games!

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