Weekend Deals: TGIF (These Gdeals Iare Fantastic!)

It’s finally Friday, and you know what that means? THE WEEKEND! GAME DEALS! Let’s start with a big one: The Capcom Playstation Humble Bundle. It’s a mouthful, but it equates to big savings. Most games are PS3 compatible, but some are PS4-only. If you’re looking for more PS4 (and Xbox One) goodness, Gamestop has DOOM for only $19.99! Amazon does too! Speaking of DOOM, Adam Condra wrote a killer column about the most recent DOOM title. For more dark n’ gritty action, how about Dark Souls 3 for 33% off? It’s available on Steam now.
Feel left out because you have a Wii U? Don’t! According to a recent Reddit thread, Target is clearancing out many Wii U games. Perhaps they’re making room for something new, hmm? While I’m stealing stuff from Reddit (shamelessly, I might add), over a dozen games have been added to Steam for just a dollar, including Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Press X Not to Die. Now, since it’s Friday, I believe it’s time for me to drink heavily play some damn games!

But wait! I managed to find EVEN MORE DEALS! Nintendo is holding a huge sale on their eShop, with many games being up to 50% off. Hurry though — these deals end September 1st. Developer Nicalis (Binding of Isaac, Cave Story) is also having a separate eShop sale. On the Sony side of things, puzzle game favorite Catherine is a mere $9.99 right now, in the Playstation Store. Additionally, Tembo the Badass Elephant, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, and Citizens of Earth (PS3 and Vita!) are all also on sale for dirt cheap.

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