Explore Timelines, Achieve Godhood: Olmedo Morell on Majora’s Mask

Miguel Bernardo Olmedo Morell argues that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a text which must be read mythologically, with Link as a traveler of timelines, exploring all possible narratives of Termina before ultimately achieving Nirvana and Godhood.

In this game, as opposed to most other games, Link can turn back time and take the paths not taken and hear the voices unheard. He can even know when and where all the major events are going to happen, by consulting the Bomber’s Notebook. This makes him omnipotent (since he can control time and take all the routes possible) and omniscient (since he knows exactly where to go, and when to do so). These qualities separate him from most video game main characters and likens him to mythical deities by means of narrative and procedural devices.

Read the whole piece now at elgeniomaligno.eu.

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