PlayStation Plus Membership Fees Rising Across The Board

It’s about to get more expensive to become–or stay–a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Sony stealth dropped the announcement on their official blog as an update to their post about this month’s free games.

Rates will go up starting September 22, whether you’re a new member or renewing after that date, and they will rise more dramatically in Canada.

A one year subscription, today priced at $49.99, will skyrocket to $69.99 in Canada. In the US, the price will rise 10 dollars, not 20. Lesser subscriptions will also increase, at least if you’re Canadian, with a three month subscription jumping to a nonsensical $29.99 ($24.99 USD) up from $17.99, while a one month subscription bumps up to $11.99…staying flat in the US.

While the Canadian dollar was strong in 2010–typically 95 cents on the dollar, compared to today’s 77 cents–Sony hasn’t modified the pricing in either country since, despite the loonie’s long term slide beginning in 2013.

Sony gave no real rationale for the price changes: Not a real shocker given the bizarre way they chose to announce this change in their fee structure.

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