PC Gamer’s September Issue Details Civ VI

This month’s issue of PC Gamer, available on newsstands now (Canada), has a wonderful cover story on Civilization VI, penned by Phil Savage.

Based on hands-on time, in Los Angeles of all places, and interviews with the developers, Savage describes a Civ that is simultaneously cautious and challenging prior installments; a game that offers refinements on Civ V, in its complete form, while offering a bold new aesthetic, new leader traits, and a direct challenge to the players of old.

Now, players will need to think more strategically every time, and not just fall into a rhythm. Or so goes the marketing speak.

If the new features deliver on what Beach and his team are promising, there’s a chance for Civ VI to be the best in the series. At the same time, my 60 turns aren’t dramatically different from the first 60 turns of any of my Civ V campaigns…That’s all right, I think.

For more, pick up this month’s PC Gamer, or time travel and buy the October issue from the US.

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