Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is A Little Bit Zelda

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is getting mixed reviews.

Numerous colleagues of mine have weighed in–some adore it, some loathe it, and our official review isn’t yet ready on Orbytl–but none have made the comparisons Jeremy Parish makes writing for USGamer.

To be honest, Federation Force in many ways works better as a multiplayer Zelda than anything else. Last year’s Tri Force Heroes really missed the mark on what I would want from a cooperative Zelda, and despite bearing the Metroid name this game does a remarkable job of recreating the modern Zelda vibe in the form of an FPS. You’ll find yourself solving puzzles in many missions, everything from guiding spheres into statues to redirecting rail tracks to bring a mine cart to shelter from electrical storms…
Occasionally you’ll need to leave your mech and skitter about helplessly on foot, which is probably meant to call to mind the Zero Suit sequence of Metroid: Zero Mission… but with its stealth elements taking place across 3D environments, it reminds me more of the hedge maze in Ocarina of Time than it does Zero Mission.

It’s an interesting line of thought, especially given the shared anniversary of the two series. They’ve always been more alike than they seem.

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