New Pokemon Turtonator Seems to be based on a Matamata

GameFreak unveiled a brand new Pokemon today and the company is getting quite creative with its inspiration.

Turtonator, a Fire/Dragon type, seems to be a cross between an Alligator Snapping Turtle and a Matamata.

Here’s descriptions of the two turtle types from Mother Nature Network.

Alligator Snapping Turtle:

It’s mouth is camouflaged and has a worm-like appendage on the tip of its tongue to lure in prey, which can be anything from fish to snakes to water birds to other turtles. Lying completely motionless with its mouth wide open, it literally just waits for an animal to get close to its mouth, which it then snaps shut with incredible speed.


This South American species is perfectly camouflaged for its preferred habitat of slow-moving streams, stagnate pools and marshes. With a carapace that looks like bark and a head and neck that look like fallen leaves, the fish that swim close enough to be sucked up for lunch never have a chance to see what’s coming. The species has a particularly long snout that it uses like a snorkel, sticking it just out of the water to breathe.

And the description of Turtonator from the official website:

In areas around volcanic craters, this Pokémon camouflages itself as a rock and waits for prey. At the moment when its prey steps onto the back of its shell, Turtonator strikes its shell with its own tail, triggering an explosion!

So, there you have it!

Turtonator even comes with an explosive special move called Shell Blast: On the first turn it sets a trap, and if it’s hit with a physical attack a nasty explosion is triggered.

Turtonator makes its debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon this fall.

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