Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways

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Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Water Wrangling

Wrangling water might be hard, but you can at least swim in it! Sometimes, a nice dip just can't compare to an ice cream cone...but only sometimes. So water you waiting for? Our first stop is...

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Noki Bay

Game: Super Mario Sunshine

Location: Isle Delfino

Description: A...well, bay, located a little north of the tropical Isle Delfino. When the bay isn't polluted from goopy paint or other means, it's actually a gorgeous inlet of steep cliffs and strange shell towers. Apparently, the bay has its share of secrets and history that lead one to believe it's actually a rather magical sort of place. How else would you explain springs that shrink and expand when they're doused in water? Personally, we wouldn't blame you for taking the time to put the controller down and sit around Noki Bay's cliffs. Just...promise us you'll remember not to fall off from up there, alright?
Points of interest: The waterfall, the Tricky Ruins, the Undersea Noki Village, the golden bird, the Shell
Hazards: Gooper Blooper, Monty Mole, polluted water, heights, trick walls, the entire bay for anyone with aquaphobia

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Aquarium Park

Game: Sonic Colors (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS)

Location: Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park

Description: Aquarium Park is almost a strange marriage of oriental streets and buildings with an underwater aquarium. It won't seem like much of a joyride for an attraction in an amusement park, but there's definitely water to be found here. According to the occasionally honest Eggman, there's 10 million gallons of water in Aquarium Park alone! Not much room for sightseeing when you'll probably spend your a good chunk time speeding past most of the park, but when the time comes to stop, it's actually a pretty nice place. Except for the whole "drowning" thing. That's not as nice.
Points of interest: We honestly don't know, but according to various sources, the Bucket O' Sushi is NOT such a location. Fortunately, it's impossible to actually visit the Bucket O' Sushi ingame.
Hazards: Egg Pawns, Crabmeats, Jawz, Choppers, Big Chaser, Admiral Jelly, water

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Blue Resort

Game: Bomberman 64 (Nintendo 64)

Location: Chained nearby Black Fortress

Description: A city resting in the middle of an ocean, Blue Resort is probably the second-least dangerous area on this list, and the only one where swimming isn't exactly encouraged for Bomberman. Since the water is off-limits, and there's plenty of it, that leaves a strangely-orange resort with admittedly funky music and lots of explosions. In all honesty, we suspect that Blue Resort may have been inspired by architecture from certain areas in Europe, but there's no solid way of confirming this. What we definitely can say is that Blue Resort is not only the sole area we'll be mentioning that not only has entering the sewers as a goal, but also happens to have surprisingly clean sewers. Points of interest: Really clean sewers Hazards: Artemis, Leviathan

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Forest Frolics

You won't be finding fish here, but you'll definitely find green and maybe some kind of insect. If you do find a bug in any of these forests, think twice: maybe they just wanna hang out!

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Juicy Jungle

Game: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Wii U)

Location: A completely harmless, innocuous spot in the ocean somewhere

Description: A dense island rich with fruit, or so we think. Last we saw, the fruit was being harvested endlessly. At any rate, Juicy Jungle isn't just the tastiest and possibly healthiest place you can trek to on our list, it's also home to an expansive beehive, and...well, fruits! Fruit gelatin, fruit rivers, sliced fruits, portable fruits...actually, it's hard to think of anything in this island that doesn't involve fruit. Whatever it is you do in Juicy Jungle, though, we know that the nutritionists will always approve. Points of interest: Frozen Fruits Hazards: Bees, bottomless pits, brick walls, various Snowmads, thornberries, berry pluckers, berry cutting machines

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Fortree City

Game: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Version (Game Boy Advance)

Location: Hoenn

Description: Known sometimes as "The treetop city that frolics with nature," Fortree City is probably the single smallest location to visit out of everything we'll recommend to you. Honestly, we encourage you to explore the entirety of Hoenn in its watery, tropical glory. But Fortree City gets a special recommendation for being a city where every house is an interconnected treehouse! Fortree City's population all manage to live healthily from having to live in a city of treehouses, and the preservation of nature in the area seems to cause the trees to flourish taller than anywhere else in Hoenn. The residents of Fortree also practically live right next to Pokemon, which might seem a bit troublesome when some Pokemon have a habit of blocking paths in the city... Points of interest: Fortree City gym Hazards: Running into an invisible Kecleon

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Forest Haven

Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo Gamecube/Nintendo Wii U)

Location: Southeast of the Great Sea

Description: A sanctuary protected by the Great Deku Tree, the Forest Haven is where a youthful race known as Koroks spend their days. It's also quite a small, yet cozy island region. On one island, it's a relatively safe area with plenty of trees, enchanted forest water, and a strange magic shop. Opposite of the Forest Haven is an imposing landmass known as the Forbidden Woods, where no Korok is supposed to go. Naturally, it's quite enticing to go there anyway. Nearby the Forest Haven is also the Nintendo Gallery, an even stranger place that encourages photographing anyone and anything you see in exchange for figurines! Obtaining all the figurines is often said to be the mark of a true hero...or someone with too much time. You're pretty rad if you can get them all, either way. Points of interest: Hollo's Forest Potion Shop, Nintendo Gallery, The Great Deku Tree, Forbidden Woods Hazards: ChuChus, Boko Babas, Octoroks, Peahats, possibly the Nintendo Gallery

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Turbo Tourism

For when Mother Nature alone can't provide for you, you can look more towards manmade structures and locales. After all, you're already experiencing it through manmade means!

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Pinna Park

Game: Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo Gamecube)

Location: Isle Delfino

Description: Rife with heat, but also full of fun, Pinna Park is a literal park with quite a bit to do! When the aim isn't to find Shine Sprites, you can depend on any of the attractions for a fun time. Ferris wheels, rocking pirate sheeps, Yoshi-go-rounds, a roller coaster, and spinning shells populate the park, giving it as much amusement a park on a Gamecube game can have in 2002! Plus, the beach just outside Pinna Park is populated with talking sunflowers. It might be offputting to some, but they're pretty nice when you get by the fact they're talking flowers! Points of interest: Ferris wheel, Yoshi-go-round, pool, roller coaster, the beach Hazards: Electro-Koopas, Shadow Mario, haywire roller coaster rides, haywire Ferris wheels, and the Yoshi-go-round's secret...

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Glitz Pit

Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube)

Location: The sky above Rogueport

Description: While it may take some hurdle jumping to snag a ticket to the legendary Glitz Pit, the reward is absolutely worth it. Not only does the Glitz Pit have the potential to showcase a rather...err, flat view of the world beneath it, but the Glitz Pit is home to some of the most legendary fighters in history! From the Midnight Spike Bombers, Spike Storm, to the champion, the Feral Nuclear Reactor, Rawk Hawk! Who doesn't love a good match of wrestling, right? Every match is a blast for the audience and the player, but it seems there's something amiss in the Glitz Pit behind both its hot dog stand and closed doors... Points of interest: Hot dog stand, juice bar, the ring, the main hall Hazards: The urge to make too many paper puns

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Fields of Fum

Game: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Nintendo Gamecube)

Location: Plains of Fum

Description: A somewhat humble area compared to the dense city of Alfitaria, the Fields of Fum might not have haywire electrical rides or intense sportsmanship, but it does have cows. There's nothing wrong with taking a break from luxuries and entertainment to talk with farmers, buy some of their crops, and watch cow races! Which probably doesn't sound very exciting, but in the world of Crystal Chronicles, all cows are lovably round. Although now we're starting to feel that the moral of admiring nature is lost when we're discussing games... Points of interest: Cow races Hazards: Betting on the cow races

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways

Looking to get away from the heat-haze daze? For the times when all you want is some frosty fun, there's always some cool white stuff to keep you company, such as...

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Shiver Star

Game: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)
Location: Space
Description: A planet left behind by its inhabitants, Shiver Star is an entire world just covered in ice. While it's not exactly a lost planet, Shiver Star is a mostly safe place to behold. Unless you're Kirby, which you probably will be, in which case it'll both be adorable and somewhat dangerous. Shiver Star isn't short on locations, though! A snow-covered field, a crystalline sky, a building with numerous toys in it, and a factory. The only safe factory is a chocolate one, so you may want to be even more careful in that place. Actually, the more we think about it, the less it feels like Shiver Star is a safe vacation spot...
Points of interest: Shiver Star itself, the factory, the toy building, the sky, the igloos in the snow fields
Hazards: Pits, Shotzos, Big Chilly, Mopoos, Maws, Pupas, Sawyers, the factory, HR-H/HR-E

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
Phendrana Drifts

Game: Metroid Prime (Nintendo Gamecube)
Location: Tallon IV
Description: A relatively calm environment absolutely covered with snow, the Phendrana region is not only home to some of the smallest creatures in Tallon IV, but also the very territorial Sheegoth. There was once a civilization in the region, but that's since disappeared in favor of a frigid, lonely atmosphere. As a result, Phendrana Drifts has a lot to discover in the form of its own ruins of the Chozo civilization! For the brave, bold, and flexible, there's even a series of underwater caves further into the region, but we don't recommend traveling there without proper preparations. You wouldn't want it to be a one-way trip, would you?
Points of interest: Space Pirate Research Facility, Phendrana's Chozo Ruins, Gravity Hall
Hazards: Space Pirate Research Facility, Sheegoths, Space Pirate drones, steep drops

Gallery: Cool Off This Summer With These Gaming Getaways
City of Eternia

Game: Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (Nintendo 3DS)
Location: Luxendarc
Description: Eternia, or "The Land of Immortality" as many others call it, is comfortably nestled in a valley of mountains in the northwestern region of Luxendarc, a medieval sort of world. Historians can find bundles of info about Eternia and how it suddenly became the healthiest place to live in all of Luxendarc, free from most diseases. Even military enthusiasts can find details of Eternia's armed forces both by entering Eternia and by simply playing the game! The city also has plenty of snow, but you kinda figured that one out by now, we're betting.
Points of interest: Central Healing Tower, Gossipmonger, wayward food stand
Hazards: Common monsters in the mountains, security systems in the mountains, uncommon monsters in the mountains, the Eternian fleet, hypothermia.

The Summer season is in full force this year, and there’s one question still on many people’s minds: “Will I be able to catch the ice cream truck this time?” Sugar aside, most people are going to be wondering what lush and foreign locales they should travel to this year, no doubt. But what if you’re stuck at home, either too lazy to enjoy simmering weather or waiting for the right time to go out? Well, thanks to the advent of videogames, you can experience anything from a mysterious alien planet to a dimension hidden behind our own! Not this time, though: we’ll be focusing on hot spots, cool spots, and any area that’d be a travel spot were they not confined to the realm of video games. So kick back and get ready, we’re gonna take you for a ride across treetop cities, a chocolate factory, and…really clean sewers!
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