Crafting Compelling Character Interactions

Game dev Michel Sabbagh writes on his blog about how to craft meaningful character interactions, breaking it down into five useful tips for aspiring developers and writers.

Portal 2’s Wheatley is an intriguing example of a character who makes constant use of physical mannerisms in order to clearly communicate his thoughts and impart his generally flighty temperament. As a uniquely loquacious and self-aware personality core, Wheatley engages with the main character by accompanying his remarks and statements with motional tilts and optic tics that can range from subtle to conspicuous. These help enhance the player’s interactions with the quirky construct, whose expressive and fast-talking nature provide entertaining and unfading moments throughout an experience defined by its minimalistic but spot-on characterization and ambiance, a testament to Valve’s unique approach to storytelling and worldbuilding.

His arguments are interesting and could serve as a primer for aspiring critics as well as those looking to write about videogames.

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