Weekly Deals: A PS3 for $100? Madness!

Broke gamers, rejoice! If you’ve always wanted a Playstation 3 but never quite had the money, now’s your chance. Target is offering an insane 50% markdown on all PS3 consoles, but only through their Cartwheel app. With a basic PS3 at $199.99, the deal cuts it to under $100! The deal lasts through Saturday.

They're practically giving these games away.
They’re practically giving these games away.

If console gaming isn’t your thing, perhaps 75% off all Heroes of Might and Magic titles is more up your alley. Or if you’re more the shoot-em-up type, how about 50% off Doom? “But Aaron, I can’t afford a $30 game!”, you might scream at your screen. Weird, but I hear you. Dishonored is only $5 through Amazon right now, which means there’s no excuse to pass it up. NONE.

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